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Tom Jelen

Tom Jelen

Crystal Lake, IL


Born on the northwest side of Chicago. My father and his two brothers were printers for Donnelly and Sons, formerly known as The Lakeside Press.
The company was known for its rotogravure, typeset , litho and large offset printing publications, e.g., Look, Life, and National Geographic.
We had our own dark room/lab at home, self taught I processed and printed my own film at an early age.

I started with a 120 roll film camera and still shoot roll film today with two 6x17cm cameras and a 6x12cm rotating lens camera. I also shoot digital,a Canon often side by side, and digitize all my film with an Imacon and print on a wide format Epson color printer.

American Society of Media Photographers, Inc - Life Member

International VR Photography Association


Beltz farm Gilbert's by Tom Jelen


Beltz farm Gilbert's by Tom Jelen


naples ft myers inland wtr ways mangroves 30241008 by Tom Jelen


Bern Switzerland city view Spring by Tom Jelen


Misty Chicago Chicago Yacht Club by Tom Jelen


blue sky with clouds vertical by Tom Jelen


migrating geese sunset by Tom Jelen


Migrating Geese by Tom Jelen


Morning Glory by Tom Jelen


Eight Miles High by Tom Jelen


sunrise flat surf atlantic ocean bbb 2730200017 by Tom Jelen


Pacific Kauai Hawaii surf and beach. by Tom Jelen


Hanalei bay kauai hawaii by Tom Jelen


NewYork Doll Hospital NYC 30209093b by Tom Jelen


Chalet Daheim Swiss Alps by Tom Jelen


Haleakala East Maui Volcano by Tom Jelen


Conley Road Meadow, Oaks, Barn, Spring by Tom Jelen


Michigan UP Pictured Rock kayakers 9060900109 by Tom Jelen


Daytona Beach Boardwalk Amusement Florida 0401200017 by Tom Jelen


Crabtree conservation fall trail couple by Tom Jelen


Crabtree conservation fall trai couple 5050500042 by Tom Jelen


Niagara falls Canada by Tom Jelen


SteamTown Historic site scranton pa by Tom Jelen


east coast florida daytona beach morning walkers 3030300173 by Tom Jelen


waist deep surf daytona beach florida by Tom Jelen


Daytona Beach Famous Ocean Pier Dancing fishing 3030300175 by Tom Jelen


eastern florida surf fishing at dawn birds 2730100298 by Tom Jelen


Radio City Music Hall lunch Soups On by Tom Jelen


open beach ponce inlet atlantic ocean by Tom Jelen


Ponce DeLeon Breakwater Fla by Tom Jelen


Saddle Road Humuula Lava field big island hawaii 309010039 by Tom Jelen


Saddle Road Humuula Lava field big island hawaii by Tom Jelen


Hamakua coast hilo rain forest and palms big island hawaii 30901 by Tom Jelen


Switzerland street chess Swiss by Tom Jelen


Woodstock square spring east by Tom Jelen


The Surprise in Camden Harbor Maine by Tom Jelen


Daytona Beach Fl gulls stop action black and white by Tom Jelen


Naples ft Myers Thomas Edison estate by Tom Jelen


gulls stop action daytona beach Fl by Tom Jelen


switzerland citron euro architecture 346060082 by Tom Jelen


Acadia natl. park Gorham mountain trail head by Tom Jelen


Daytona Beach Atlantic ocean pier fishing sunrise fisherman by Tom Jelen


Foggy sunrise atlantic ocean Florida by Tom Jelen


Aerial over corn field 455300091 Hot Air ballon by Tom Jelen


Which Way To Go by Tom Jelen


rolling clouds atlantic ocean fl by Tom Jelen


Wainiha Bay and beach Kauai Hawaii 309020049 by Tom Jelen


stration pa steam town by Tom Jelen