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Born on the northwest side of Chicago. My father and his two brothers were printers for Donnelly and Sons, formerly known as The Lakeside Press.
The company was known for its rotogravure, typeset , litho and large offset printing publications, e.g., Look, Life, and National Geographic.
We had our own dark room/lab at home, self taught I processed and printed my own film at an early age.

I started with a 120 roll film camera and still shoot roll film today with two 6x17cm cameras and a 6x12cm rotating lens camera. I also shoot digital,a Canon often side by side, and digitize all my film with an Imacon and print on a wide format Epson color printer.

All art on my site has been produced, up loaded to be printed with high detail @ 300dpi.

All Art displayed has been Copyrighted and All rights are reserved by Tom Jelen

American Society of Media Photographers, Inc - Life Member

International VR Photography Association


Millennium Park Skyline and the Bean by Tom Jelen


Buckingham Fountain Chicago Grant Park by Tom Jelen


Soups On Radio City Music Hall by Tom Jelen


Acaida Bar Harbor Pier by Tom Jelen


Bar Harbor, Maine SunSet Cruse by Tom Jelen


Grand Central Station NYC by Tom Jelen


Florida sand dunes Atlantic New Smyrna beach by Tom Jelen


Hot Dog Stand NYC late afternoon ik by Tom Jelen


Chicago Theater Chicago Loop by Tom Jelen


Buckingham Fountain Chicago landmark by Tom Jelen


Chicago EL vintage cars at Armitage by Tom Jelen


Maine long pond Acadia by Tom Jelen


Burnin down the house Aerial single family home on fire by Tom Jelen


roy and boat fall fishing by Tom Jelen


Crystal Lake il Pine Grove and sky by Tom Jelen


Kennebunkport, Maine, lobster boats by Tom Jelen


Veterans Acres Park pine grove by Tom Jelen


thompson center by Tom Jelen


Switzerland Bern city view matte aare river by Tom Jelen


aerial farm big foot pond by Tom Jelen


aerial farm tree tops fall ff by Tom Jelen


aerial farm wet lands stream by Tom Jelen


aerial farm tree top grove by Tom Jelen


american pink flamingos orlando fl 3030300148 by Tom Jelen


Acadia Natl Park Cadillac Mountian Road Fall Maine by Tom Jelen


Aerial Farm Stream Pasture fields by Tom Jelen


Bard Road farm Il Tractor frosted field winter by Tom Jelen


Tractor in frosted field by Tom Jelen


Maui, Haleakala, National Park, Outlook by Tom Jelen


Waikoloa Beach Golf Course lava and palm trees by Tom Jelen


Florida Daytona beach sand dunes by Tom Jelen


Maui Sugar Beach by Tom Jelen


Tree top view of a Illinois country road fall by Tom Jelen


Illinois country road tree top sunset fall by Tom Jelen


Maui Fern Garden by Tom Jelen


Maui Bamboo by Tom Jelen


maui fern garden by Tom Jelen


Plow days Freeport Il Draft Horses by Tom Jelen


Comiskey Park twilight by Tom Jelen


National Bank Plaza Monroe and Dearborn Clark Chagall Mosaic Chi by Tom Jelen


County fair amusement ride sunset by Tom Jelen


Bern Switzerland Roof Tops 3460600120 by Tom Jelen


Switzerland Alps Interlaken by Tom Jelen


Klassen and Cary Barn by Tom Jelen


United Nations Building sculpture entrance street view by Tom Jelen


Acadia Maine sunrise stream fall by Tom Jelen


Upper Michigan Mackinaw island bike stand by Tom Jelen


Chicago water tower and John Hancock Building by Tom Jelen