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Tom Jelen

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I have been a photographer for almost a lifetime, also represented by two Chicago agencies for over 35 years and employed by three different airlines over 45 years.
My collection has been produced on medium format film cameras such as a Fuji 6x17, 6x9, Pentax 6x7,  Noblex rotating lens 6x12 format provides a large format high quality film original to print from.
I scan all my film on an Imacon. Proof on an Epson 7600 
Many of my photos have been used in Geography books, commercial print ads locally and globally.
American Society of Media Photographers , Life Member,     
International VR Photography Association International Association of Panoramic Photographers
Pano Awards 2011 Epson International Pano Awards 2012 Epson International Pano Awards
2013 Epson International Pano Awards

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San Francisco, skyline, dawn, vignette Oakland, Bay, Bridge, from Treasure,Island by Tom Jelen


Chicago, International, Terminal by Tom Jelen


Mechanics working on 767 engine by Tom Jelen


Chicago Northwestern University observitory with moon by Tom Jelen


Commuter express ORD ramp by Tom Jelen


Spring Time in Wood Stock Square 360 pan by Tom Jelen


Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field third and home by Tom Jelen


Chicago Millennium Park McCormick Tribune Ice Rink JELE3692 a by Tom Jelen


McCormick Tribune Plaza Ice Rink and skyline by Tom Jelen


Altstadt old town Lucerne Swiss windows by Tom Jelen


gulls, stop, action, by Tom Jelen


Uper Michigan Mackinaw island bike stand by Tom Jelen


Sod Farm Irrigator Ill Country Roads by Tom Jelen


Hanalei Bay-Bali Hai Ocean Nine Golf Course Princeville Kauai, Hawaii by Tom Jelen


Millennium Park McCormick Tribune Ice Rink jele3642 by Tom Jelen


dc10 cockpit left hand seat 521210021 by Tom Jelen


Mechanics working on the tail of a commercial airliner by Tom Jelen


Comiskey Park third and home by Tom Jelen


Hanalei bay Bali Hai Kauai by Tom Jelen


Horse Drawn Carriage Covered Bridge Long Grove IL 014060036 by Tom Jelen


City of Bern riverfront from Rose Garden Switzerland by Tom Jelen


Big Barn Kentucky Horse Park 360 by Tom Jelen


retieiees lawn chairs on the beach surf by Tom Jelen


Milwaukee Art Musem Tom Jelen by Tom Jelen


Which Way To Go by Tom Jelen


Yerkes Observatory Williams Bay door 13 JELE3503 by Tom Jelen


Yerkes Observatory, Williams Bay study by Tom Jelen


Yerkes Observatory Williams Bay Telescope by Tom Jelen


Acadia Bar Harbor sunset cruises.tif by Tom Jelen


Millennium Park Skyline and the Bean by Tom Jelen


Buckingham Fountain Chicago Grant Park by Tom Jelen


Soups On Radio City Music Hall by Tom Jelen


Acaida Bar Harbor Pier by Tom Jelen


Bar Harbor, Maine SunSet Cruse by Tom Jelen


Grand Central Station NYC by Tom Jelen


Florida sand dunes Atlantic New Smyrna beach by Tom Jelen


Hot Dog Stand NYC late afternoon ik by Tom Jelen


New York Mink by Tom Jelen


Chicago Theater Chicago Loop by Tom Jelen


Buckingham Fountain Chicago landmark by Tom Jelen


Chicago EL vintage cars at Armitage by Tom Jelen


Maine long pond Acadia by Tom Jelen


Burnin down the house Aerial single family home on fire by Tom Jelen


roy and boat fall fishing by Tom Jelen


Crystal Lake il Pine Grove and sky by Tom Jelen


Kennebunkport, Maine, lobster boats by Tom Jelen


Veterans Acres Park pine grove by Tom Jelen


thompson center by Tom Jelen