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Tom Jelen

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I have been a photographer for almost a lifetime, also represented by two Chicago agencies for over 35 years and employed by three different airlines over 45 years.
My collection has been produced on medium format film cameras such as a Fuji 6x17, 6x9, Pentax 6x7,  Noblex rotating lens 6x12 format provides a large format high quality film original to print from.
I scan all my film on an Imacon. Proof on an Epson 7600 
Many of my photos have been used in Geography books, commercial print ads locally and globally.
American Society of Media Photographers , Life Member,     
International VR Photography Association International Association of Panoramic Photographers
Pano Awards 2011 Epson International Pano Awards 2012 Epson International Pano Awards
2013 Epson International Pano Awards

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thompson center by Tom Jelen


Switzerland Bern city view matte aare river by Tom Jelen


aerial farm big foot pond by Tom Jelen


aerial farm tree tops fall ff by Tom Jelen


aerial farm wet lands stream by Tom Jelen


aerial farm tree top grove by Tom Jelen


american pink flamingos orlando fl 3030300148 by Tom Jelen


Acadia Natl Park Cadillac Mountian Road Fall Maine by Tom Jelen


Aerial Farm Stream Pasture fields by Tom Jelen


Bard Road farm Il Tractor frosted field winter by Tom Jelen


Tractor in frosted field by Tom Jelen


Maui, Haleakala, National Park, Outlook by Tom Jelen


Waikoloa Beach Golf Course lava and palm trees by Tom Jelen


Florida Daytona beach sand dunes by Tom Jelen


Maui Sugar Beach by Tom Jelen


Tree top view of a Illinois country road fall by Tom Jelen


Illinois country road tree top sunset fall by Tom Jelen


Maui Fern Garden by Tom Jelen


Maui Bamboo by Tom Jelen


maui fern garden by Tom Jelen


Plow days Freeport Il Draft Horses by Tom Jelen


Comiskey Park twilight by Tom Jelen


National Bank Plaza Monroe and Dearborn Clark Chagall Mosaic Chi by Tom Jelen


County fair amusement ride sunset by Tom Jelen


Bern Switzerland Roof Tops 3460600120 by Tom Jelen


Switzerland Alps Interlaken by Tom Jelen


Klassen and Cary Barn by Tom Jelen


United Nations Building sculpture entrance street view by Tom Jelen


Acadia Maine sunrise stream fall by Tom Jelen


Chicago water tower and John Hancock Building by Tom Jelen


Michigan upper peninsula Queen Anns Lace Brimley by Tom Jelen


barn, farm, house, out buildings, illinois ,farming,fall by Tom Jelen


dirt road, barn, farm, house, out buildings, illinois ,farming,fall,rural by Tom Jelen


Michigan upper peninsula Mackinaw Bridge by Tom Jelen


Uper Michgan pines ferns and blue berrys by Tom Jelen


Huntley, LongMeadow, Barn, Bean, field, fall by Tom Jelen


Farm road meets black top by Tom Jelen


Halegus lakewood bean field fall evening by Tom Jelen


Halegus rd and Balard country roads McHenry county by Tom Jelen


Farm sheltered pasture horse farm rt 62 Barrington il by Tom Jelen


Daytona, beach, volley ball, Florida by Tom Jelen


daytona beach volley ball 2 by Tom Jelen


country road, mailbox, farm road, cell towers, northern, Illinois, rural roads,cold call by Tom Jelen


Beautiful buildings Chicago Trump Tower by Tom Jelen


Clark Street Bridge Beautiful buildings Chicago by Tom Jelen


Chicago River Trump Tower Beautiful Chicago Buildings by Tom Jelen


Chicago River Wells St Bridge by Tom Jelen


Exner Marsh Nature Preserve by Tom Jelen