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Born on the northwest side of Chicago. My father and his two brothers were printers for Donnelly and Sons, formerly known as The Lakeside Press.
The company was known for its rotogravure, typeset , litho and large offset printing publications, e.g., Look, Life, and National Geographic.
We had our own dark room/lab at home, self taught I processed and printed my own film at an early age.

I started with a 120 roll film camera and still shoot roll film today with two 6x17cm cameras and a 6x12cm rotating lens camera. I also shoot digital,a Canon often side by side, and digitize all my film with an Imacon and print on a wide format Epson color printer.

All art on my site has been produced and up loaded to be printed with high detail @ 300dpi.

All Art displayed has been Copyrighted and All rights are reserved by Tom Jelen

American Society of Media Photographers, Inc - Life Member

International VR Photography Association


Kohala forest preserve Waipio valley look out big island Hawaii by Tom Jelen


Haensa Beach surf Kauai by Tom Jelen


hanalei bay shipwreck bali hai kauai hawaii 30902 0059 by Tom Jelen


Sun-glow Fishing Pier Daytona Beach Florida by Tom Jelen


Two Tri-Motors take off 9R aoa chicago ohare by Tom Jelen


dc10 engine check Chicago O'Hare by Tom Jelen


Camden Harbor Maine fall afternoon by Tom Jelen


727 white livery O'Hare terminal by Tom Jelen


Hangar Queens ORD by Tom Jelen


Klasen and Cary Algonquin Back of the Barn by Tom Jelen


Cary and Klasen farm house Algonquin ill by Tom Jelen


Aerial of truck on interstate transportation freight by Tom Jelen


daytona speedway sun bank 24hr Porsche gtp by Tom Jelen


Daytona Speedway Sun Bank 24hr pontiac firebird gtp by Tom Jelen


Daytona Speedway Sun Bank 24hr Mazda gtp by Tom Jelen


Trump tower New York City Manhattan vertical by Tom Jelen


Switzerland Alps Grutschap alpine meadow spring by Tom Jelen


Switzerland Alps Grutschap alpine meadow winter by Tom Jelen


dead pilot whale olympic np wa 302350040 by Tom Jelen


Cactus Hawaii big island road side by Tom Jelen


aerial farm houses out buildings autumn long shadows colors by Tom Jelen


Cabin in the Alps Switzerland, ski by Tom Jelen


Switzerland alps lake winter by Tom Jelen


Switzerland alps lake spring by Tom Jelen


ual express ba146 stol by Tom Jelen


Acadia Bar Harbor sunset cruises.tif by Tom Jelen


Maui wedding beach sunset by Tom Jelen


McHenry Barn Union by Tom Jelen


Daytona beach main street pier 30303176 by Tom Jelen


Trump tower Chicago il by Tom Jelen


interior Waimea restaurant big island Hawaii 309010100.tif by Tom Jelen


team of draft horses plowing early spring by Tom Jelen


Running Path Pine Grove Crystal Lake Il JELE2136 Panorama by Tom Jelen


Lincoln park zoo east entrance fall JELE1977.jpg by Tom Jelen


Hawaii Volcanoes National Park aerial by Tom Jelen


hawain islands maui haleakala natl park crater puu ulaula telesc by Tom Jelen


Eastern Florida coast morning surf fishing by Tom Jelen


Pacific Coast Highway United States by Tom Jelen


Sun Rise East Coast FL Daytona Beach with birds by Tom Jelen


SunRise East Coast FL Daytona Beach by Tom Jelen


Golden Gate Park in San Francisco Japanese garden by Tom Jelen


Comiskey Park third and home by Tom Jelen


Hawaiian Islands Hanauma State park, Beach and underwater park by Tom Jelen


Steam Town 261 Scranton Tobyhanna Pa by Tom Jelen


Steam Town 261 Scranton Tobyhanna Pa station by Tom Jelen


Steam Town 261 Scranton Tobyhanna Pa by Tom Jelen


John Hancock Building and Water Tower Place by Tom Jelen


Hanalei Bay-Bali Hai OceanNine Golf Course Princeville Kauai, Ha by Tom Jelen