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Tom Jelen

Tom Jelen

Crystal Lake, IL


Born on the northwest side of Chicago. My father and his two brothers were printers for Donnelly and Sons, formerly known as The Lakeside Press.
The company was known for its rotogravure, typeset , litho and large offset printing publications, e.g., Look, Life, and National Geographic.
We had our own dark room/lab at home, self taught I processed and printed my own film at an early age.

I started with a 120 roll film camera and still shoot roll film today with two 6x17cm cameras and a 6x12cm rotating lens camera. I also shoot digital,a Canon often side by side, and digitize all my film with an Imacon and print on a wide format Epson color printer.

American Society of Media Photographers, Inc - Life Member

International VR Photography Association


Mackinac island flower garden by Tom Jelen


Between Night and Day chicago skyline mirrored by Tom Jelen


Conley road farm spring time by Tom Jelen


Brimley farm near Sault Ste Marie Michigan by Tom Jelen


Michigan Uper Farm Barn and Rolls of hay Brimly Michigan by Tom Jelen


Daytona beach FL life guard by Tom Jelen


Ponce inlet FL sunrise by Tom Jelen


Daytona Beach FL Last Chance Miss Hazel and Sonny Boy by Tom Jelen


White Mountians National Park red eagle pond New Hampshire by Tom Jelen


Kennnepunkport harbor maine by Tom Jelen


Daytona Beach FL Bird Sun Glow Pier by Tom Jelen


Meiringen Switzerland Alpine Village by Tom Jelen


Daytona Beach Florida inland waterway private boat yard with bird by Tom Jelen


Union Illinois one room school house by Tom Jelen


New York City Rockefeller center ice rink by Tom Jelen


Kohala Mountain road Big island Hawaii by Tom Jelen


Cherry blossom walk tidal basin at 17th street by Tom Jelen


Acadia national park carriage trail fall by Tom Jelen


New York City Central Park South by Tom Jelen


Conley Rd spring pasture oaks and barn by Tom Jelen


North ave beach chess palv chicago lake front by Tom Jelen


Napa Valley Ingenook winery roadside by Tom Jelen


Daytona Beach FL Surf Fishing and Birds by Tom Jelen


Daytona Main Street Pier and beach by Tom Jelen


Daytona Sonny Boy and Miss Hazel by Tom Jelen


Daytona Sun Glow Pier by Tom Jelen


Kennepunkport Vaughn island by Tom Jelen


Plow days Freeport Tom Jelen by Tom Jelen


Three Horses Break Time by Tom Jelen


Fall On Long Pond Acadia National Park Maine by Tom Jelen


Acadia Bar Harbor sunset cruises by Tom Jelen


Conley Road Winter by Tom Jelen